Day 1: Community Ball

Today i saw how simple practices remove the dogmatic structure of an educational setting. With the community ball each individual was able to guide discussion in accordance with their preferences. This is the type of strategy that promotes inquiry and discussion within a group without direct participation by the facilitator or teacher. 

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  • Iris Oved
    commented 2019-07-14 21:31:13 -1000
    This took a long time, but it really helped me get to know everybody in the group. It was almost like having ‘holy moments’ (a la Waking Life) with each person. Typically in these round-robin icebreakers I get the sense that people don’t really listen to each other and instead zone out or focus on planning their own bit until their turn comes. Somehow this activity broke through that. We really listened to each other, and were present with each speaker. Is that because of the questions that were chosen, or because of the willingness of the participants, or because of the meditative fiddling with the string??? Anyway, I loved that our ball ended up looking like a snuggly rainbow jellyfish.
  • Darion Patrick
    published this page in Reflections 2019-07-14 20:41:17 -1000