What is philosophy's superpower?

Today's discussion at Waikiki provided much needed framing for some thoughts swirling around in my mind during this symposium. Many disciplines and professions have some sort of product or talent which makes it unique. For historians, the timeline. With doctors, the treatment. The pedagogy of educators. The map of geographers, policy of lawmakers, and the plan of urban planners. Today I learned to articulate this as a superpower. Understanding this superpower seems essential in teaching those who will one day wield the power because, as I see it, education is about building capacity.

If we are to teach philosophy we must understand its superpower so we can build capacity in children to recognize it and wield it responsibly. For philosophy, I believe this superpower is inquiry. If this is true, any effort to teach children philosophy necessarily requires the combination of the superpowers of both the educator (pedagogy) and the philosopher (inquiry).

This intersection is p4cHI.

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