Plain Vanilla

We can read text differently. I noticed the relevance between our questions and how we read texts. Different questions show richness in text. Plain Vanilla has enormous possibilities as vanilla ice cream has. I believe p4c has a great power when we make teaching materials. Often materials are constructed by teachers. And teachers want to teach as they want to do. But in p4c, students can make questions and also they can change whole class dynamics. So, teaching materials are common wealth in classroom. Facilitation reflect on who the facilitator is. It's true. Therefore in p4c sessions, students might notice the teacher's true self. This is why as a result of p4c, the class gets to be more mindful, friendly, gentle. I have new question from this reflection. Reflections in english (not my native language) illustrate me new perspective every time. Thumbs up and thumbs down is good way to evaluate p4c inquiry. But how do we evaluate p4c by writing reflections? And how can we assess p4c learning experience from written articles? Perhaps these are my new research questions.

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