What does it mean to be a teacher?

I'm grad to see three descriptions in using community ball. Right to speak means attention to ongoing speaker. Right to invite is often misunderstood as right to determine next's speaker in Japanese educational situations. Invitation includes tenderness, gentleness to share other's views. And also, we have right to pass. We can wait until someone is prepared to talk. Sometimes Japanese shy and wild students tend to make all students to use right to pass. This notion breaks intellectual safety.

From Jumboards I learned many forms when we express intellectual safety. We can be accepted intellectually in many ways. So, there is diversity in intellectual safety. We share deliberative pedagogy. As we share our ideas of intellectual safety, in p4c circle we try to make sense of the new idea. This is how we use content, and p4c teachers ought to construct teaching materials like that way.

I have some questions. What is most important to examine our life as little-p philosopher? What occasions is needed when usual teachers start to love little-p philosophy?

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