Resource Guide

Below is a selection of resources which will be used during the Symposium.


Critical Communities: Intellectual Safety and the Power of Disagreement, by Ashby Butnor

Cultivating and Nurturing Collaborative Civic Spacesby Dr. Amber Strong Makaiau.

Educational Perspectives Issue: Journal of the College of Education/ University of Hawai’i at Manoa, 2012.

Gently Socratic Inquiry,  by Dr. Thomas E. Jackson. 

Global and Local Impacts of Philosophy for Children: A Summary of Recent Research Findings, by Dr. Amber Strong Makaiau

Handbook of Research on Critical Thinking Strategies in Pre-Service Learning Environments, by Gina J. Mariano and Fred J. Figliano

Inclusion, Diversity, and Intercultural Dialogue In Young People's Philosophical Inquiryby Ching-Ching Lin and Levina Sequeria.

The Philosopher's Pedagogy, by Amber Strong Makaiau and Chad Miller

Raising the Bar: Love, the Community of Inquiry, and the Flourishing Life, by Thomas Yos

Primal Wonder, by Thomas Jackson



Ethical Self-Assessment Rubric

Inquiry Memos

Philosophical Inquiry Text Annotations

Prompt of the Day/ Daily Reflectionby Dr. Amber Strong Makaiau, Dr. Chad Miller, and Cheriesse Shiroma Ming.

Observing the Philosopher's Pedagogy in Practice

Plain Vanilla Poster

Intellectual Safety Poster

Rules of the Community Ball Poster

Plain Vanilla Evaluation

p4cHI Hanahau'oli School Class Description

P4C Hawaii Summer School at Hanahau'oli

Hanahau'oli p4cHI Club Letter to Parents




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